How to Make a Dungeons and Dragons Miniature

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Did you know you can fill your miniature void by building your own D&D figs out of the old Mage Knight series? Our latest home-brew installment shows you all the simple steps and tricks.

It will be nearly 9 painful months between D&D Miniature sets from Wizards of the Coast when Lords of Madness releases at Gen Con in August 2010 (previous set, Savage Encounters, was November 2009).

Ben is an avid miniature collector and was losing his mind. Luckily, a crafty co-worker had a brilliant idea to rescue and convert Mage Knight miniatures from the eBay scrapheap.

We’ve made a two-part video series on our YouTube channel to show you the way: a general overview where Ben chats about the gang’s latest home-brew venture and a video montage featuring a step-by-step guide.

Getting an abundance of Mage Knight miniatures requires a sort of search-and-rescue approach on eBay. Now Ben has had good and bad experiences buying large assortments. Your best plan: buy a 400-count-lot first ($75-ish) to establish a base selection and then go the singles route to round out what you need. Grunhir’s Game Emporium is a great choice (amazing packing, fair prices, awesome service).

So, here are down and dirty steps to mini bliss:

1. Acquire your Mage Knight miniatures (usually on eBay)
2. Remove the original, ugly, oversized click bases
3. Select and paint new D20 bases
4. Glue on the mini to the new base
5. Flock the new base
6. Spray on a Matte seal.
7. Touch-up the old legion markings (yellow, red, blue) with a Sharpie.

The bestest news of all – Mage Knight had a huge run by WizKids (nearly 3,000 miniatures flew off the assembly line during their reign). Ben nearly fainted on this discovery.

Your new mins will also complement your existing choices well. It’s much more fun to have six semi-different Orcs than six of the exact same. See Ben’s Azer Raider and Skeleton examples.

Even better, the exciting new Dark Sun campaign is nearly upon us and Mage Knight has some killer options for this desert setting. And lots of fun choices is what it’s all about in your miniatures collection.

Now don’t get Ben wrong, he absolutely loves WotC’s miniatures but he just had to do something to fill the gap. He is counting the seconds till the next release and is praying the Wizards’ minis series will continue on for many moons.

See It | P1 Overview | P2 Step-by Step

15 Responses to “How to Make a Dungeons and Dragons Miniature”

  1. Paul Says:

    Hope you got all the minis you want before your post drives up the price of Mage Knight on Ebay. ;)

  2. countingku Says:

    Or, you could have thousands thousands of figures sitting around from when you played Mage Knight for 5 years and not have to spend any money at all. ;)

  3. Zandari Says:

    I have been doing this, but just gluing them onto 1″ washers (CHEAP!). Some of the mage knight minis are really nice, and they are super inexpensive these days.

  4. bendbuddy Says:

    I love that washer idea! I’ve actually had a hard time getting the right bases but washers might as well grow on trees. And I was worried about this post pushing up the eBay price which is why I did one last order before releasing this one:)

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  11. Chris Says:

    Ben, you have inspired me! I will be re-basing some old mage-knight minis this weekend, and i would like to know what type of flock you use the most on your minis? do you have a “Go To” type of flock? basically, what are your recommendations for the first 2-3 flock types to start with? Thanks!

  12. bendbuddy Says:

    Nice! Can’t wait to hear how it goes (maybe share some pictures too).

    Well, I typically use Skullcrafts as my go-to flock. At the last Gen Con I did pick up some nice Army Painter ground cover too though.

    My outdoor combo mix is usually: dark soil, beach sand, some light gray rock and then some green flock.

    My indoor dungeon base is typically black ballast, light gray rock and maybe a smidge of light brown rock.

    The key is to keep mixing in dixie cups until it feels right (never letting one ingredient overpower the rest). You kinda have to eye it. And remember to write it down as you go (which I always forget to do as evident by this answer).

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  14. dwayne Says:

    Your painting some of the figs too right? I juststarted getting my mage knights and some are faded looking so im gonna touch em up. Did you do that? Also do you spray the armor matt over the model too not just the base?

  15. bendbuddy Says:

    Nope – I can’t paint minis. I have sausage fingers from WI. DM Scotty did a nice, recent video where he re-painted a Mage Knight Miniature.

    I try to just spray the base. If a little gets on the mini, no big deal but that spray is a little pricey so I try to conserve wherever I can.

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