Gen Con Bound P1: What to Pack

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The annual RPG gaming Mecca, known only as Gen Con, is nearly upon us! Does it matter what you pack? Hell yes, it does! And Ben’s got his top 15 precious packing tips to prove it.

There’s no mistaking the emotional and physical value of this Indy pilgrimage. So rather than try to be all cool and just throw a pile of dirty clothes into a plastic bag, take a breath and think about what you can take to make this trip even better.

Ben’s Top 15 Gen Con Packing Tips:

- Paperwork: Plane tix, hotel receipt, badge (with holder), event tix
- Snacks: Bagged snacks and granola from your local Sprouts
- Energy: ZizZazz & 5-hour drinks
- Remedies: aspirin, Tums, vitamins
- Clothes: The usuals but include a baseball hat & sweatshirt
- Currency: Two credit cards, some cash, and quarters (for the lockers)
- Gifts: pics from last year, a small mini or Hirst terrain, shirts, etc
- Containers: film cases, Magic deck boxes, plastic boxes
- Journal: small notebook for key info
- iPad/iPhone/Smart Phone: for pics and video
- PHB: Players Handbook for the game table
- Dice: Small amounts (for new friend trading) since you can buy a set there
- Foot Powder: You will walk more in 4 days than the entire year so respect the feet
- Pillow & ear plugs: Make ‘em fit for a world of difference on the plane & in the hotel
- Business Cards: has all your social media contact info (to pass to new friends)

Does this list sound silly? No way? Think of it this way…

By packing a bag of granola, some empty cups and plastic silverware, Ben only has to buy a single bottle of milk each morning. No long McDonalds’ lines and waits.

By grabbing a roll of quarters, Ben has ready change for a convention locker and doesn’t have to walk back to the room a dozen-plus times (but don’t put quarters in your carry-on due to airport security).

By tossing in energy mixes, Ben has a chance at surviving 18-hour game sessions and not having to spend $4.50 on diet cokes (or wait in line for them).

By throwing in some pain relief, Ben has mercy on his body as it’s nearly inhumane on what he is going to do in terms of food and sleep.

By including a couple film cases & boxes, Ben will safely transport back his single, pricey minis and other smaller acquisition items.

And by remembering a few thoughtful gifts for his game group, Ben takes advantage of seeing his cross-country friends once a year with a subtle offering of thanks.

So, it’s not a perfect list but one with thought and some planning. Be sure to check out our YouTube video for more packing fun.

Questions to Ponder: What did I forget to pack? Do you agree or disagree with the list? Got any other tips for your traveling brethren?

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7 Responses to “Gen Con Bound P1: What to Pack”

  1. metaDM Says:

    Great article. I had no idea about the lockers. How big are they? Do they fill up? I was reading this when I saw your tweet about need a twibbon so I friended you.

  2. bendbuddy Says:

    Thanks:) Some are decent size – others are smaller. You can easily get 1 or 2 backpacks in them. Gotta get ‘em on Thursday am.

  3. dtools22 Says:

    Thanks for the tips, this is my first trip to Gen Con and I’ve been trying to find someone to post a check list like this. How many business cards do you normally bring?

    I’m actually going there to screen my movie titled, “Something Remote” on Friday night. Really excited about that obviously. As far as the lockers go, is it safe to keep electronics in them or should I keep my cell and camera with me?

  4. bendbuddy Says:

    Our pleasure. We just created our first set of business cards as well – seems like a good move since we expect to meet lots of cool people at the Con. I think we’re doing the minimum order so if you bring 250<, you'll be in great shape. Lockers are safe but I would still keep your electronics with you. Good luck at the screening!

  5. Jared Says:

    This is a bit off topic, but if you see any previews of the lords of madness, will you post them? Orcus was cool and I ordered one but I need a mini fix bad:) Thanks and have a great time!

  6. Daniel M. Perez Says:

    Great post. I linked to it and built from it for a post on my own, The Gamer Traveler.


  7. bendbuddy Says:

    Sure thing, Jared. I expect a set will at least be on display. I’ll take some nice pics and video for the gang to see on Twitter.

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