Gen Con Bound P3: Just Wait til Next Year

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“The vendor hall is now closed.” Sparkly new treasures rest on your shelf. C’est la vie Gen Con 2010.

But wait! Consider some small to-do’s now that could turn into future big fun.

- Sheet of Sadness: Did you keep a quick running notes’ list so you had an easy reminder sheet for next year? If not, now’s the time to strike while the memory iron is hot. Real-life Ben examples: (1) bring travel-size Pepto (thanks so much abnormally huge Ram Burgers). (2) download the Gen Con iPhone app before the show (since finding specific booths in those crowds was painful).

- Online Gallery: Upload your Gen Con pics to Facebook or Flickr now before you accidentally delete them. And make it easy for your game group to pull them down for their own collection.

- Thank You’s: Certainly you encountered some good gaming citizens or met some long-time heroes at the Con. What’s the harm in sending a quick tweet, email or wall post as a nice way to thank them for their hospitality or down-to-earthiness?

- Buddy Gifts: Set aside your game group gift now before it gets lost. Did you take a great buddy photo that fits nicely into a dollar store frame? Was there a t-shirt you nabbed that’s perfect for a holiday/birthday gift?

- Dire Piggy Bank: It is never too early to slowly start putting your gold coins away for next year. Did you have a little money left over? Excellent – put it in that cigar box now. Establish your reserve fund now for all that eventual loose change and birthday/holiday money. This is how Ben slowly amasses his spending money & it’s a major motivating force.

- Outlook Reminder: Gen Con 2011 is set for 8/4 thru 8/11. Enter in an outlook reminder January 26-ish so you’re prepared to call into the hotel block and nab that room right across the street from the convention center.

- Check the Tweets: Keep a close eye on Twitter and these common hash tags (#dnd, #gencon, #wotc) for all the great post Con articles and photos. It’s a virtual sea of D&D tranquility out there right now and you could be missing it.

- Inspiring Words: Start your own new list of goals for your game. If you weren’t inspired by all the amazing people you personally met and observed, it’s time to take a pulse and ensure you didn’t become undead during all those travel woes.

Questions to Ponder: What do you personally do now to help prepare for next year? Anything on our handy list that you find works well (or not so well)?

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3 Responses to “Gen Con Bound P3: Just Wait til Next Year”

  1. Dave T. Game Says:

    Great tips, and thanks for linking to us as a great article :)

  2. Michael Yates Says:

    Hey There!

    I JUST saw that you had a pic of our Dungeons and Dragons Mt. Dew logo shirt!

    Just FYI, we got a cease and desist letter from WOTC on that shirt. : /

    So it’s not available on our site anymore, but we’re flirting with printing up 50 or 80 more for the con season to have on the table.

    Did you see our D20 stickers?

    Michael Y

  3. bendbuddy Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Hehe – you wouldn’t believe how many compliments we get on that particular D&D t-shirt (our whole game group bought them). It’s one of my favs (so I’m too surprised about the letter).

    I don’t remember seeing the stickers though. Got a link? I love going to your table at the Con. You guys are always so cool. We just bought our tix and hotel for this year. We’re stoked:)


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