The Great D&D Debate

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Ben dares thee to find a more drawn out, never-ending game debate than D&D 4th edition vs. all previous editions (but mostly D&D 3.5 edition). This RPG dispute has nearly taken on a north vs. south civil war mentality in the world of the InterGoogle.

The gang at the Pile thinks that all this pent up D&D edition anger is particularly silly. So much so, that we decided to make a little tongue-in-cheek video of our own on our YouTube channel. The classic iPhone vs. HTC vid was our inspiration. Xtranormal was our technology weapon of choice.

Of course, we absolutely love 4E for all the myriad of reasons mentioned in our comedic short. Still, we haven’t abandoned Dungeons and Dragons rich history. What tickles our funny bones is how angry and often irrational a few of the diehards get when discussing the D&D editions differences. Just remember the golden rule – any D&D is good D&D.

Enjoy a quick top 5 on why D&D 4E makes Ben so gosh darn happy:

  1. Latest and Greatest: WotC supports it with new monthly product releases.
  2. Enhanced Combat: Battles are much more diverse and interesting.
  3. Game Flow: The overall game moves quicker with a streamlined rule set.
  4. Role Play: Group determines RPG weight. Never been the edition’s job.
  5. Remembered Roots: Plenty of Gary G’s original ideas and love remain.

Finally, here are a couple fun online articles to peruse at your leisure:

  1. Boycotting 4th Edition D&D
  2. A Comparison of Content
  3. A GM’s First Impressions of D&D 4e: Looks Like Fun
  4. 3.5 E, older D&D and Pathfinder. What do D&D vets think of pathfinder
  5. Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Review

Questions to ponder: Which edition do you play most frequently? What is a pro of 4E? What is a pro of 3.5E? What is a con of 4E? What is a con of 3.5E? Will you ever try 4E? Will you ever go back to 3.5 or earlier? Do you play Pathfinder instead of 4E?

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4 Responses to “The Great D&D Debate”

  1. Rhetorical Gamer Says:

    I like it. I’m glad you guys are having fun with 4E. I’ve been playing it since release (until about June actually), and I’m happy to be done with it. I was a big 4E cheerleader for a long time, but I’ve grown to hate it. But lo, I have not returned to older editions — I’ve just moved on to other games entirely. I like Pathfinder, and at some point I might give it a real go, but my issues with 4E have nothing to do with it “not being D&D” — and everything to do with just realizing that I was not enjoying myself at all while playing/DMing the game.

  2. Jared Says:

    I feel 4th edition is easier to prepare, especially with the adventure tools. I still feel it lacks the charm the atmosphere of earlier editions. The books read like straight instruction manuals as opposed to the lore-filled tomes of 1st,2nd,3rd,and 3.5 editions. My group and I will keep at it with 4th until we play the Prince of Undeath module. We took a vote and will be going with Pathfinder after that. It saddens me to say that, I’ve been playing D&D since 1987. If WOTC puts out more minis, I’ll always drop cash for those. Other than minis on to other realms I suppose.

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