D&D A to Z: Statues

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Ah yes…statues – mythologies’ imperfect storyteller. Is it any wonder why RPGers are so quick to form bond with these hard, cold wonders? Join Ben as he grabs a chisel and carves out their rightful place in his Pile.

Most sculpture situations will require you to go into Frankenstein-mode: a snip here, a dash of glue there. Just be sure to utilize some Hirst Arts terrain blocks for the statue base and sprinkle in some well-placed flock for a chipped stone effect. You’ll be quite pleased with the results. Dreamblade minis like the Pearlthorn Gargoyle or Saint of Roses are also awesome choices.

WotC has a couple grab-and-go options with the daunting Stone Golem (Giants of Legend, #4) and the Animated Statue (Desert of Desolation, #2). These are worth keeping in your DM tackle box.

Sometimes, a hobbyist just needs a creative nudge. And that’s where the Hirst Arts picture message board comes into play. Guys like Caveman have posted legendary work for all to see. He’s utilized yard sales and old discarded minis to produce some jaw dropping statues. Ben visits this picture treasure trove on a weekly basis.

Gen Con is another motivation mosh pit. With iPhone in hand, Ben is always snapping pics for future reference. That’s where he got turned onto that old weathered look. So much so that he found a pro painter to paint up a variety of cheap pieces he nabbed from an exhibit hall vendor.

For one-off’s, Ben secured a few Grim Reaper-style statues from Pegasus Hobbies to keep at arm’s length. Mage Knight even had a few in their old accessory packs. And of course, your local gaming store’s bit box always has some discarded figs for you to go all Geppetto on when the time is right.

Maybe a gamer’s affinity for statues stems from the original Clash of the Titans movie and Hera’s talking head. After all, there’s no arguing with the Gods.

Questions to Ponder: How do you interact with and utilize statues in your ongoing D&D games? Ever use them as a rally point on a map, a salute to a fallen hero, a surprise attack or a speaking encounter?

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11 Responses to “D&D A to Z: Statues”

  1. Alphastream Says:

    Excellent stuff as usual, though I would prefer to see a thumbnail of each image and then be able to click for a pop-up of each image. Opening each link takes away from my reading of your great ideas!

    About using statues, I like to use them fairly often because nearly any player gets suspicious. Are they just blocking terrain, going to animate, or a trap? It keeps players guessing. Add history checks and it extends the depth of the encounter. You can even have the history be skill challenge components that reduce the deadliness of an encounter by placating spirits or disarming traps.

  2. bendbuddy Says:

    I know the image gallery isn’t perfect but that’s the hand WordPress has dealt me at the moment:( Totally open to other plugin suggestions though. Most readers use the left right arrows once the gallery is up (as opposed to clicking on each link).

    Love the idea on the history check dictating the difficulty of the encounter. I will definitely use that in a future game.

  3. Iain Says:

    Who makes the mini in the photo at the top of the two dryands or whatever they are? Great statue.

  4. bendbuddy Says:

    Sorry – unsure of which photo you’re calling out. Can you give it’s link name from the article or the caption? Happy to try and answer.

  5. JB Mallus Says:

    I think that Iain is asking about the photo at the top of the Statues article… the virtigris nymphs. http://bensrpgpile.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/hero_large_azs_hero.jpg

  6. Benoit Says:

    He’s talking about the article featured image

  7. bendbuddy Says:

    Ohhhhh – the statue mini from the article hero shot. Gotcha.

    I actually bought that beauty pre-painted in a display case at Gen Con. They’re never labeled but one can always get a screamin’ deal on day 1 from the pro painters looking to clear their inventory:)

  8. jim Says:

    glade we fond ya great posts

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