D&D A to Z: Vile

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Truth be told certain monstrosities in one’s D&D game often come down to a single descriptive term…vile. And it’s fair to say many a gamer could point to some clear commonalities. Read along as Ben pulls a few examples off the Pile to illustrate the point.

Body Stacks: Heaps of decomposing bodies are always a clear giveaway. But piling them on a moving war wagon is the cherry on top. The boney flatbed is an added creepy bonus.

Possible Quest: You must intercept this killing caravan and bring evidence back to the local magistrate so justice can be served.

Multiple Craniums: Lots of heads on a single monster torso means numerous attacks against your clearly innocent party. Take this toothy sea monster for instance. Image this sucker emerging to the river and not asking for permission to come aboard?

Possible Quest: Remove the mystic sea creature from a vital town river in exchange for a gold reward.

Slimy Tentacles: Sticky limbs trying to rein you in are the epitome of vile. Even better, have those tentacles always spring from your terrain so that the group never sees the real face of its enemy.

Possible Quest: Mineral-rich caves are suddenly off limits as several mining crews have disappeared from their posts. Find the source of the threat and eliminate the danger.

Hold on now. How did these miniatures come to be, you ask?

Ben often trolls the weekly blog circuit for new DIY projects. He found a comprehensive article from TheSheDM that outlined all the steps to making your very own tentacle miniature.

When attempting to re-create someone else’s amazing work, Ben tries to put his own artistic spin on the piece. In this case, Ben used Gale Force Nine wood bases and utilized a fiery brimstone flock mixture to match the tentacles’ boiling lava pit home. For monster stats, he gave these suckers a reach of 2 and a potential grab attack.

Disease-carrying Vermin: A couple Giant Rat packs from Reaper’s Legendary Encounters series is a lock for this letter. The tiny claws, jagged teeth and deplorable pink tails – ugh x 3. Certainly any things that crawls and bites qualifies but there’s just something about those rats coming from the tiniest of places.

Possible Quest: Something has polluted the town’s water supply. Your party must hope into the sewers and flush out the problem.

So yes this term maybe too subjective to the average gamer but these particular traits seem true. The only question remaining is what ya gonna do when the next vile thing comes to a deep dark place near you?

Questions to Ponder: What’s the most vile thing you’ve encountered? What in particular made it so nasty? What type of terrain suits this fugly stuff best?

Make your own tentacle minis

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  1. jim Says:

    this was 2ed AD&D it was a flesh golem raped in mummy rappings with yellow mold spores.the pc set fire to it and they releast the mold and pisst off the golm

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