One Hut, Two Hut, Three Hut a Party

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Ben returns from his glorious Indy expedition to share the first of many, many amazing RPG accessory finds from this year’s Gen Con extravaganza. First up are the kick-ass-elicious tribal terrain buildings from Galeforce Nine’s Battlefield in Box fantasy series. Let’s take a closer look “under the hut” and see how these beauties might best fit into your own game.

Long known for their traditional war terrain, Ben is fired up to see GF9’s role in the fantasy genre expanding greatly in 2012 and beyond…especially with their Dungeons and Dragons Collector’s Series miniature announcement at the Con (but not pre-painted? Seriously!).

But Ben digresses…there are two different products here: a larger Chieftain Hut and two smaller Bestial Huts. Each box has an MSRP of $25 and is ”Worth every penny,” says Ben.

Off the cuff, there are lots of in-game uses here such as:

  • Representing a war camp that the group must conquer.
  • Holding a high-level boss that needs to be assassinated.
  • Containing a magical item that the party must be retrieved.
  • Retaining a prisoner that must be freed.

In terms of craftsmanship, the hut’s material is highly durable (feels like a heavy duty resin) and the paint job is off the hook. You literally can pull these well-packed pieces right of the box and immediately start playing.

Scale, always a biggie with Ben’s Pile, is spot on for the d20 game system. The Chieftain hut, obviously the bigger of the two, comes with an ivory tusk entrance. The Bestial box comes with two smaller huts and has a more humble entrance. The outside of the huts even have a leathery-cloth-stitchery-feel.

So, how would Ben set this up on his own game table you ask? Probably like so…

First he would grab GF9’s King’s Road or basic green DM Mat for his playing surface. Next he would sprinkle in a few trees and hedges. Orcs would be his monsters of choice, culminated with the Orc Wolf Shaman from WotC’s Angelfire minis set. And Mountain Orcs from the Aberations set are a nice solidier choice. He would also drop in a smattering of accessories including a weapon’s rack, wagon, couple of horses, a well, and some supply crates that the players could interact with once any fisticuffs broke out. This outdoor setup sings, baby!/p>

If anyone ventured inside a hut, Ben would introduce a second pre-made game board for additional game play. It would include a table, chair, floor bed, rug, camp fire and treasure chest. Certainly some of the items are fancier depending on the hut type – guard or leader.

Isn’t it amazing what a little creativity and some simple huts can do for your game? Just promise Ben there will be no Ewoks anywhere near these beauties. Every table has its limits, ya know.

Questions to Ponder: Questions to Ponder: Do you have any other storyline suggestions for these huts? What types of miniatures would you use with these terrain huts? Is there any other décor worth using on the inside of the hut?

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  1. Gale Force Nine Says:

    Thanks for spotlighting our huts!

    The price you quoted is New Zealand dollars; the US price is $25 per box.

  2. bendbuddy Says:

    Doh! Thanks for clarifying. I just updated the column. I kept thinking that the price didn’t seem right.

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