Graul Matters

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Hold on! Are you telling Ben there’s another 353 days of dice rolling bliss in front of him? Heavens to Murgatroyd – that sounds too good to be true! Well if you insist, Ben will keep the printing press churning for 2013. Let’s use this week to show you how we’re tidying things up on the homebrewed Granny Mammy Graul Family Farm.

Dirty Bone Piles
It turns out the dingy cellar of our Graul farmhouse is actually a cannibal kitchen prep room of sorts. Ben added a locked, walk-in pantry but felt a couple of grimy bone piles would give the area more mystique.

So, Ben bought some pre-casted bone piles off eBay which certainly work nicely on their own. However, after watching a great painting tutorial (see the 2:55 mark) by Catatafish, he decided to try and raise the detail bar a bit.

Try the same GW paint steps that Ben mimicked:

Now you end up with a nice modular piece perfect for any future setting. Consider trying that paint scheme on other Hirst Arts dungeon décor skulls.

Eddle and Meddle Miniatures
Remember our twin boys, Eddle and Meddle? Naturally, Ben is going to use the same mini for each brother. A simple paint trick would make differentiating the figs on the game board a snap.

He simply took the Mage Knight’s blue shield strength identity marker and re-painted it a more traditional metal color. This is a wise move since our traditional upright stickers tend to fall off the custom bases.

Night and Day Differences
Remember the Graul family farm carries a dreaded curse on its shoulders – punishment for its savage destruction of the Winterbole forest’s oldest trees. Ben wanted to take the rundown, simple farm by day and raise the hair on the players’ arm come nighttime. And the easiest way to do that is by swapping out some of the game board terrain and minis.

His first idea utilized the green farm field. As night follows, all life leaves the ground and you end up with scorched earth in its place. It’s a subtle but spooky difference.

Next we decided to swap out the tree shading Cousin Corky’s tombstone. When dark falls, the once vibrant tree transforms into a dark and hollowed mess.

Then Ben looked at the farm’s simple steeds. During the day, he’s got a couple of WotC’s Desert of Desolation miniatures tied up in the stable. At sundown, those poor little horses become undead nightmares.

Mage Knight has a few re-base options. The Whirlwind’s Swooping Sniper (#136) and MK 2.0’s Zombie Centaur (#35) fit the bill. Another fun choice is the Lancers Nightmare Banshee (#128) but Ben didn’t have any at press time.

Encounter Journal Page
Of course, the best nighttime change will be the sudden discovery of that torn section of the Winterbole Graul journal page. As you may know, we’re trying to make book entries for every new major encounter. This new game aid helps add more storytelling flavor and mystery into the ongoing adventure.

Thanks again to everyone for the Nicolas-Cage-style high praise of our latest YouTube video which actually includes a brief segment on this encounter’s new Winterbole Journal page. You can download its PDFs (P1 | P2) or InDesign file for future use and tinkering.

Questions to Ponder: Got any miniature suggestions to replace our unhappy horses? What else would you change on the Graul Family Farm to highlight the evil forest curse at nightfall? Who would you rather take to the prom – Eddle or Meddle? ;)

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  1. Gene R. Says:

    Hey, Ben! Love your website and awesome proips you share! Speaking of which, the links to the second set of Winterbole Journal pages and InDesign file (regarding the Graul Family) returns a 404 – Not Found error. Just thought I’d let you know! :)

  2. BensRPGPile Says:

    Ack! Good catch. I had a pesky space in my HTML for the web address. All fixed. Huge thanks for the kind words and catching that dire bug for me:)

  3. Gene R. Says:

    Hey Ben!

    Just a quick head’s up – clicking on the PDF links still returns a 404.

  4. Gene R. Says:

    Indesign file, however, does work now! Hooray! :D

  5. BensRPGPile Says:

    Grrrrr – well, for some odd reason, I saved those as jpg’s instead of PDFs. So, I’ll convert them this week but at least for now everyone can download them as jpgs. What on earth was I on during this post?

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