Foraged Item Cards: Hunting and Gathering

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Bookman, our party wizard, has a rather colorful character trait that makes him a bit of a collector. He doesn’t crave fine wines or historical relics. Instead, he fishes for the unusual and extreme. He’s a bit of a DIY caster and often needs unique components to concoct new, experimental spells. Leftovers are saved for his next visit to the local trading post in hopes of a better barter with the shop’s proprietor. Let’s take a look at some of his recent finds.

DM Angle
Still, the big benefit is they incite the player (and game group) to think outside the box and be creative. Ben wants everyone in his group to be an improv superstar of sorts. Keeping these peculiar items in your deck gives you a helpful visual clue to think outside the box and maybe even skip that snoozing basic attack.

Foraged item cards have all sorts of uses including:

  • Rare Spell Components
  • NPC Trade Value
  • Complicated Puzzle Solving
  • Emergency Antidotes
  • Valuable Keys to Side Quests

Latest Inventory
The party’s outdoor expedition to the Pyramid of Shadows has resulted in all sorts of wild encounters. Consequently, our Wizard has been a particularly busy fellow. DM Ben never knows exactly what Bookman will find as his game antics are all improvisational. Thus, the player just writes the new-found item in his inventory list during the game and that gives Ben follow-up time to make the appropriate item card.

So here’s our Wizard’s latest acquisition stash:

Once again Google Images gave us all sorts of fun picture choices. These cards will fit nicely into Bookman’s character deck.

Until next week…

Questions to Ponder: Do you use item cards in your game? Why or why not? What did you think of our new cards? Got any suggestions? How might you use these cards to enhance an encounter or brew an elixir?

Download the Item PDF | Download the Item PSD

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