How to Make a Water Bridge Encounter

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The Pile hit a minor dry spell on the video front as Ben just didn’t have a worthy script to follow for all the RPG faithful out there. Good news though – he finally completed enough mini projects to assemble the larger P3 Bridge encounter inside D&D 4E’s Pyramid of Shadows module. So grab your swim trunks and put on those floaties, it’s time to get wet.

3 Responses to “How to Make a Water Bridge Encounter”

  1. Magnum Says:

    These are some amazing terrain pieces Ben. Great, great stuff brother. Love the Close Encounters of the Third Kind intro into the encounter portion of the vid. Also love the quotes, zip lock bag “…where I got ma stuff.” Love the “… so we’re keep’n the Harpies!”

    Thanks for the “Shamone!” reference. Made my day. :-)

    Everything is next level brother and the video mix and montage was outstanding.

    - Magnum

  2. BensRPGPile Says:

    hah! I wondered if ol’ Magnum would catch that subtle reference. But of course, he did! He’s Magnum for Christ’s-sake. One never sees him coming! Wasn’t that saxophone Close Encounters riff great?! It was an accidental gem discovery:)

  3. Magnum Says:

    It was awesome… and subtle too. It was familiar at first and then I was thinking, “hey I know that tune!” and I started doing the had jesture. Hahahaha!

    … and remember. You’re just not going to see the Mags coming, “poof!”

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