And the Eyes Have It

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The Advanced D&D Players Handbook cover is the definition of iconic. There’s not a gamer in all the land who doesn’t instantly recognize this looming statue and daring band of thieves…er adventurers. Ben was determined to make this unforgettable childhood image a permanent part of his D&D den. Let’s see how he did just that.

Book It
Of course Ben had his own personal copy of the AD&D Players Handbook but college came a calling and he was flat broke. So, he surrendered his box of books and dice knowing full well that this desperate transaction would become a regrettable one. Ben fully remembers this poignant moment in time like it was yesterday. Alas, you can’t turn back the clock but you can always right a wrong…right?

So, he clicked over to eBay and sought out his prize. Ben nabbed the beloved book for a cool $24. And it looks like Robert made the same mistake as youngling Ben. Fear not, Sir Robert – someday you will make amends.

Some wear and tear on the book didn’t bother Ben in the least. The natural aging just showed it had a good home. Mint condition would actually be sacrilege.

The idol required a trip across the pond to British mates, Otherworld Miniatures. They actually sell the Demon Idol and all the nifty accessories for about $48. You can buy the set in any number of ways though.

Stroke Me
Ben’s sausage fingers rarely paint miniatures so he enlisted the brush strokes of the talented Bob Ladd to finish off his prized possession. Words can’t describe Bob’s work. You just have to see it.

Museum Piece
You want to make Gary proud by displaying this work in proper form. Ben has everything nicely placed on a shelf in full view so that he can catch a glimpse of the book and idol every time he walks in (or out) of his D&D den.

One thing is for certain – the conclusion of our D&D 4E 3-module series Keep on the Shadowfell will conclude with this idol fully entrenched in the supporting 3D game board. After three-plus years of game play, it’s the only way our game group can truly pay proper tribute.

Until next week.

Questions to Ponder: Have you ever used this idol in a game? Do you own one? Do you still have your original Players Handbook? Did you write your name in it? Did you give it away only to reacquire (or regret) it later? How might you incorporate this statue into the Pyramid of Shadows module ending?

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3 Responses to “And the Eyes Have It”

  1. Kevin Rau Says:

    I’m a natural-born Dungeon Keeper (e.g. loot hoarder), so my Evil Lair ™ is full of books going all the way back to the blue and red books from Basic D&D. (Somewhere in those many boxes of loot, that is… I would have to make an exceptionally high Search check to find specific books, though.)

  2. tim h Says:

    I didn’t know anyone made this as a miniature. Or at least anyone official. I have two old and very “business I run out of my basement” type figures of that same statue from the cover. These are about two and a half inches tall and made out of some sort of light dried putty. No idea who originally made ‘em.

  3. BensRPGPile Says:

    Very cool. People have done some pretty amazing stuff out of sculpty so I have a hunch your treasured pieces are one-off originals.

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