Finding Minis for Your D&D NPCs

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Another crazy, crazy work week for ol’ Ben so he decided to put up a point-and-shoot video about Lead Adventure Miniatures and the amazing NPC library of miniatures they have available to the D&D gaming public. Annnnnnd action!

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  1. Trachalio Says:

    I dunno why, but my RSS feed entry for this has a huge text block about finding cialis and viagra online. :S

  2. BensRPGPile Says:

    It’s the dreaded WordPress Template SEO hack. We’ve tried for months to remove it but to no avail. WordPress and GoDaddy offer zero help. The whole thing has really sucked the life out of us…so much so that the Pile will probably be shutting its doors in the next few weeks. It’s been a good run and we appreciate all the kind words and support over the years but we just can’t stand that stupid hack anymore.

    Side Note: It won’t hurt anyone’s computer. It’s just a lame Google Adwords link hack that sticks itself in any post into our RSS feed.

  3. darjr Says:

    Send me an email. I’m darjr and I helped get past their latest hack and ENWorld. I can’t promise I can fix it but I will certainly try.

  4. Trachalio Says:

    That really sucks Ben :( I only just discovered your site a few months ago :(

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