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Time to take a stroll through a sacred, soothing meadow…one filled with Ettercaps and Arborean Watchers that want to gut your party like a fish! The party has accidentally disturbed their holy ground. Well, at least the 3D D&D game board is quite delightful. Let’s explore it together.

The Encounter

This pyramid chamber has been converted to a dark meadow, a place where Arboreans tend to plants that hold the spirits of their departed elders. The Arboreans have been trapped within the Pyramid of Shadows long enough to recreate their culture to the best of their ability. It’s a killer setup by module authors Mike Mearls and James Wyatt.

This is sacred ground and its inhabitants have woven in illusions to make this room appear outdoors. Ettercaps have allied with the Arboreans out of pure self-preservation. These sort of unlikely alliances are a cool theme throughout the Pyramid of Shadows module.

The Miniatures
Ben did a little miniatures bin hunting at Gen Con to gather the core mins for this encounter.

The Terrain
Ben thought he had this terrain setup in the bag when he pulled the Dwarven Forge limited edition Woodland set for the forest illusion. This magnificent set is rich in color and sculpted by the great Sandra Garrity.

There was just one problem with Ben’s terrain solution. The Woodland pieces don’t sit flush. The walls and floors won’t line up perfectly with one another and that means all sorts of unwelcomed gaps. This product imperfection really shook Ben’s trees. He’s never had an issue with any previous Dwarven Forge product line. This setback was a stunner and a bummer.

Tune in next time to see how Ben tackled this game board conundrum.

Questions to Ponder: How did you like this encounter’s monster make-up? Do you own any of the Dwarven Forge Woodland sets? Have you experienced this piece connection issue? How did you solve it?

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  1. Bdarcel Says:

    I have the Dwarven Forge inn sets and some accessory pieces too. I was thinking about the forest set but had read there was some problems with it. Now I know what it is :-) It does seem weird. All the other stuff I have from them is so nice.

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