The Black Meadow P2

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Let’s finish off one of the trickier 3D game boards that Ben can remember (that didn’t involve casting the majority of pieces from scratch). Gamers don’t quit, right? DM’s are known for heavy doses of T.C.B. (Taking Care of Business – thanks Elvis, circa 1970s). Please enjoy part 2 of The Black Meadow.

Unfinished Business
Ok, ok. The Dwarven Forge Woodland set isn’t perfect. Take a deep breath and move past this chink in the armor by embracing the challenge. First things first – those obvious cracks between the tiles gotta go. The simplest way to trick the eye is to lay down a thin piece of black cloth and set the terrain pieces on top of that backdrop. Now those cracks are just dark and mysterious.

Woodland Accessories
The module map calls for a pentagram-style symbol in the center of the room to signify holy ground. Ben decided to use a piece from the Dwarven Forge Fantasy Floor Set.

For the plinths (a fancier word for “columns”), Ben once again called on Dwarven Forge. These stone pieces were part of their last super crazy Kickstarter so they should look rather familiar.

Obviously the trees are a critical accent piece to the Pyramid’s forest illusion so Ben went to his go-to saplings – a pack from Furucius on eBay and another cluster from from Miniature Building Authority.

Placing these rounded tree bases within the square Dwarven Forge pieces created some awkward, glaring holes. So Ben grabbed some Dungeon Tiles to fill these spots in accordingly – turned out to be a nice combo aesthetically.

Board Storage
This setup is a bit bulky so Ben broke it up into several manageable sections so reassembling it come game day wouldn’t be such a (dire) bear.

The Big Reveal
All things considered, Ben is rather happy with this setup. The terrain certainly has its quirks but the room’s vision is still intact and much fun will be had by all.

Treasure Time
While the forest is an illusion, the Arborean Watcher monsters are all too real. DM Ben wants to give the party’s crafty wizard a chance to carefully harvest 1d4-1 perfect wooden limbs so that he may turn them into a set of magical throwing daggers.

This special material will allow for great accuracy (+4) and range (10/15) but they will be a little frail. Roll 1d12 on any miss. On a 1, the dagger breaks. Up to three can be thrown in a single attack.

Side Note: Arrows probably seemed like a natural choice here but the party ranger already has a wicked ranged attack (a bit of a min/max character build) and the rest of the group lacks some ranged punch.

Ben will use a Paizo GameMastery item card for the front and crafted this for the back of the card.

The Puzzle
This seems like another good spot for a hieroglyphics challenge. The door will have some cryptic symbols clawed into its wooden frame. Since this is a final resting place, a simple phrase of “RIP” will be aces.

Happy Holidays
My oh my how the game time flies – another year has come and gone for the ol’ Pile…bigger and better than ever. Ben has also made many new RPG friends on our Facebook page and he’s very, very grateful for that. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. We’ll see y’all back at the game table in 2014.

Questions to Ponder: Got any fun effects for that holy symbol? What twist could those plinths play in combat? What would you do for the party treasure? Did you like the throwing dagger idea? How might you enhance the weapon traits? What’s on your RPG list to Santa? What are you most thankful for in 2013?

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  1. Bdarcel Says:

    Awesome plan! The s stuff from MHW looks so awesome I had to contact Lorenzo :-) Unfortunately, they are tied up with their Indiegogo project and can’t place orders until it is over. My Friday group is still on their way to the pyramid so I still have time. I want to borrow on your setup :-)

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