Temple of Verdant Rage

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A new year means sounds like a perfect time to build a new encounter! Sound the trumpets and bring fourth the Temple of Verdant Rage. It’s another juicy encounter inside D&D 4E’s Thunderspire Labyrinth module. This particular pyramid room packs a rather heavy-hitting punch and death saves almost seem like a forgone conclusion. Let’s open the gates of battle.

New Approach
To relieve some of the weekly “stress” of posting, Ben is going to do more manageable articles. No lie – the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Hearthstone are currently major entertainment sources for Ben these days. Still, one always has a little time in the week to share some D&D goodness with the community at large, right?

This next encounter will again be broken up into a multi-part series (similar to the recent Black Meadow posts).

The Backstory
Let’s just start by understanding what we’re dealing with in terms of prep. This temple is set in another forest illusion and serves as the worship area for the Aroborean’s strange-ass cult. The good news is the DM’s have a very robust map to play with here.

This encounter required a lot of tinkering to ensure it fit his adventure party. Thus, you’ll see multiple pieces of new terrain and a major overhaul on the miniature monsters (because fighting the same old stuff is snooze city).

Coming Soon
Next week we’ll take a look at one of the room’s terrain centerpieces – the monoliths. Ben called upon two highly skilled fellows: Itar and CatataFish to lend some helping hands.

Questions to Ponder: Have you played this particular encounter? Have you tried Hearthstone or the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you recommend either one to other fellow gamers?

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